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Covenant has a well stocked adult library with a large collection of books, CD’s, and DVD’s. In addition to having an extensive collection of theological literature, the library houses a large collection of Covenant’s worship services and sermon recordings.

Additionally, Covenant also has a children’s library housing many volumes of wholesome children’s literature. These libraries are valuable resources to aid in our church body’s growth in grace.

For more information, please contact:

Adult’s Library:
Vicky McWilliams (

Children’s Library:
Autumn Kennedy (}

Audio Visual Media, including sermon recordings:
Jeff Fullgraf  (


What is the Church Library?
            The church library is a repository of knowledge relating to the teaching and work of the Church through the centuries. It is not merely a collection of texts gathered according to the peculiar tastes of a given librarian.
            In order to be useful for the edification of believers in the Faith, it should contain:
            – Works relating to the history of the Church
            – Biblical and Systematic theology
            – Collected sermons
            – Commentaries
            – Works of applied theology
            – Liturgical studies
            – Biographies of Christian exemplars
            – Works relating to the artistic production of the Church including church music
            – A small selection of fiction by Christian authors
            These should all be of the highest quality and reflect the tradition of the Church with a particular focus on the Reformed branch of thought but not limited to it.