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Women’s Ministry Policies


1)   Organizing

a)   The Funeral Meals Coordinator (FMC) maintains contact with the Congregational Care Coordinator after hearing about a death. The Congregational Care Coordinator will ask the family what preparations they would like and communicate those preferences to the FMC.

b)   The FMC will contact the Child Development Center (CDC) to let them know what times the church will be in use and what spaces will be needed. She will also work with the Set-up Sub- committee Coordinator to submit a plan to the janitors for placement of tables and chairs for seating and serving. (See a. and b. under 2. Set-up.)

c)    The FMC can call the shepherding elder of the deceased and ask if any of the Shepherding Group’s members would like to be involved in the preparation  and/or serving of the funeral meal.

d)   THE FMC will contact the Women’s Ministry Social Coordinator for use of any items stored in the WM closet or kitchen.

2)   Set-up

a)   See that the janitors know the required set-up, based on the anticipated number attending the meal. (See b. under Organizing.)

b)   Submit a drawing of the preferred set-up to the office or directly to the janitorial staff.

c)    Bring the supplies needed for set-up if there’s a possibility they are not available at the church.

d)   The  Decorations Sub-committee Coordinator will work with the Set-up Coordinator to decorate the room appropriately for the number of people and the type and amount of food served. This may involve purchasing fresh flowers/plants or using available WM decorations.

3)    Food

a)   The standard meal provided  includes meat, vegetable, salad, dessert and drinks . Drinks would include water, tea (sweet and unsweet), and coffee.

b)   The family may choose the type of food they would like, ie., finger foods, soups and sandwiches, or a complete buffet meal and it will be provided unless circumstances ~  time, money, and limited availability of help ~ prevent this, in which case a standard meal (see a.) will either be purchased or prepared and served.

4)   Clean-up

a)   Left-over food may be sent home with family members of the deceased. If the family declines, the food can be taken to Lighthouse Ministries or a similar ministry, or sent home with church members who have been part of helping with this event.

b)   Table cloths and skirts can be distributed among the clean-up committee for laundering or given to one person assigned to that task.

c)    In leaving the room as clean as possible, sweeping and mopping are not necessary and trash can be left in cans. The janitorial staff will take care of those.

Women’s Ministry Tablecloth/Table Skirt Policy (Rev. July 2013)

Tablecloths and table skirts were purchased by WM for church functions such as the Missions Conference, Christmas dinners, showers, funeral meals, Shepherding Group meals, and other church related occasions. They may also be used for wedding receptions for a member or the child of a member of Covenant. A communing member must be in charge of the pick-up, care and return of the tablecloths and skirts.

The purpose of this policy is to insure these items are available and in good condition for the next church event. It is not the intent of WM to make things unnecessarily difficult or to prevent use of these items for legitimate purposes. We trust this policy will help us to be good stewards of the things the Lord has so graciously provided for our use and we humbly ask for your support. If you have any questions related to the policy, please contact our Social Coordinator. (Kay Langford, or 863-646-0617)

Effective immediately, a $100.00 refundable deposit will be collected upon pick-up of the tablecloths and skirts for weddings or any event that is not specifically a church related function. The cost of replacing any badly damaged tablecloths or skirts will be deducted from the deposit.

Tablecloths and skirts must be reserved for use by notifying the Social Coordinator so that a pick-up time can be arranged and the closets unlocked. Arrangements to return the laundered tablecloths and skirts must be made at least one day in advance by again notifying the Social Coordinator to have the closets unlocked. The tablecloths and skirts will be picked up on hangers and should be returned on hangers within one week. If another event is scheduled in less than a week or there is a funeral (in which case you will be notified) you may have to return the tablecloths sooner.

All tablecloths and table skirts used must be laundered.

We are often asked how to best care for the used tablecloths and table skirts. Below are our best recommendations collected over the years:

  1. Spot treat all the tablecloths and skirts before washing.
  2. A pre-soak such as OxiClean is recommended.
  3. Check to make sure all the stains are gone before drying to prevent setting the stains.
  4. Place tablecloths and skirts on hangers immediately after removing them from the dryer to prevent wrinkling.

We hope you will find this policy helpful. As mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact the Social Coordinator with any questions you may have.

Special Services Policy  (Rev. May 2013)

It was the consensus of the Women’s Ministry  (WM) Executive Board in February, 2008, that a policy be formulated to provide guidelines for Covenant Presbyterian Church regarding the provision of meals and the giving of bridal and baby showers to individuals attending said Church.

Traditionally, food procurement has been scheduled by WM in circumstances involving birth, serious illness, and death within a family.  Provisions of meals after the birth of a baby will be provided to communing members.  In cases of illness, meals should be provided to a member’s family when hospitalization or serious malady has disabled the functioning of the home, or when a member returns home from a hospital stay. In circumstances involving the death of a family member, provisions of meals should be restricted to communing members and their immediate families.  Since each situation varies, the various sub-committee coordinators will determine the number of meals for the particular situation.

WM provides one bridal and one baby shower for communing members only.  However, a baby shower should be given by WM to celebrate the birth of the first child born to the mother who has become a communing member. Friendship Showers may be given for non-members by friends of the honoree as well as for other babies born to communing members.  It is not a function of WM to coordinate Friendship Showers.  The location of the shower (WM sponsored or friendship sponsored), whether it is in a home or at the church, will be left to the discretion of the shower hostesses.  Use of the church facilities should be arranged through the WM Shower Coordinator and the church office.

When the Shower Coordinator or the Meals Coordinators are approached to supply these services for non-communing members of Covenant, WM’s policy should be explained tactfully and diplomatically.  Individual ministry in meeting needs should be encouraged and personally endorsed, if possible.  Other immediate and/or emergency needs of both communing and non-communing members should be referred to the Congregational Care Coordinator, who will decide whether the appropriate Shepherding Deacon/Elder or Christian Concerns Coordinator (WM) should be contacted.