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01/20/2019Grace To You And PeaceEphesians 1:1-2Rev. Adam McNeal
01/20/2019Pilgrims Passing Through1 Peter 1:1-2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/13/2019We Are Going To WinDaniel 10-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/06/2019Perseverance Of The SaintsPhilippians 1:6 Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/06/2019The Covenant, Our Comfort2 Samuel 23:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/30/2018The LORD is Your SecurityPsalm 125Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/23/2018The Mystery of the IncarnationPhilippians 2:5-11 Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/16/2018Why He CameHebrews 2:10-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/09/2018The Only Mediator1 Timothy 2:5Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/02/2018Irresistible Grace: The Effectual Application Of RedemptionJohn 6:37-44Rev. Adam McNeal
12/02/2018The Fall Of Man And The Promise Of GraceGenesis 3:1-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/25/2018The Gospel: God Saves SinnersIsaiah 53:10-12Machen Strawbridge
11/25/2018Daniel's Great Prayer and God's Greater AnswerDaniel 9Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/18/2018Particular RedemptionJohn 10:11Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/18/2018Not a Ram But a LambDaniel 8Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/11/2018The World Belongs to ChristDaniel 7Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/04/2018This Holy God!1 Samuel 6:1-7:2Dr. Richard D. Phillips
11/04/2018Fall Of The Gods1 Samuel 5:1-12Dr. Richard D. Phillips
10/28/2018Unconditional Election: The Good Pleasure of God's WillEphesians 1:3-6Rev. Adam McNeal
10/28/2018The Christian's Call to a Life of RepentanceLuke 15:11-32Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/21/2018Total Depravity: Man's Fallen NatureRomans 5:12-21Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/21/2018The Plot Against God's WordDaniel 6Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/14/2018Sudden DestructionDaniel 5Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/07/2018Judah's Prophets, Priests, and KingsLamentations 2:13-22; 4:11-16; 5:19-22Rev. Dustyn Eudaly
10/07/2018Reconciled Through Christ's BloodColossians 1:19-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/30/2018Heaven RulesDaniel 4Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/23/2018Grace to You and PeaceEphesians 1:1-2Intern Adam McNeal
09/23/2018Remembering the Lord's DeliverancePsalm 124Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/16/2018Discipline and Discipleship2 Thessalonians 3:6-18Intern Adam McNeal
09/16/2018Look To The LordPsalm123Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/09/2018The Fourth ManDaniel 3Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/02/2018The Joy of Christ Centered LivingJohn 15:12-27Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/02/2018The Supremacy of Christ: A Communion SermonColossians 1:15-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/26/2018Pray for the Ministry of the Word2 Thessalonians 3:1-5Intern Adam McNeal
08/26/2018Longing for the Worship of GodPsalm 122Rev. Jeff McDonald
08/19/2018A Stronghold in the Day of TroubleNahum 1:1-8Intern Adam McNeal
08/19/2018Secure In God's KingdomDaniel 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/12/2018Faithful to God in a Foreign LandDaniel 1:1-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/05/2018Abiding In ChristJohn 15:1-17Rev. Jeff McDonald
08/05/2018Redemption Through Christ's BloodEphesians 1:7-8Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/29/2018Our Living Union With The Living ChristColossians 3:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/22/2018Believing the Gospel of the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-20, 50-58Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/22/2018Report on the 46th General Assembly
07/15/2018God's Plan For The AgesEphesians 1:8-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/08/2018Exposing the Covetous HeartExodus 20:17Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/01/2018Secure In ChristEphesians 1:13-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/01/2018True or False?Exodus 20:16Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/24/2018Stand Firm2 Thessalonians 2:15-17Intern Adam McNeal
06/24/2018Stop! Thief!Exodus 20:15Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/17/2018The Lord is my PortionPsalm 119:57-64Rev. Michael Carter
06/17/2018The Sanctity of MarriageExodus 20:14Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/10/2018God's View of MurderExodus 20:13Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/03/2018Christ ForsakenPsalm 22Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/03/2018Christ Forsaken No MorePsalm 22:21-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/27/2018Resurrection in the Last Adam1 Corinthians 15:42-49Intern Adam McNeal
05/27/2018Children of God Honoring AuthorityExodus 20:12Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/20/2018Psalms For Pilgrim People: Trusting in the God Who ProtectsPsalm 121Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/13/2018God's Special DayExodus 20:8-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/13/2018The Indispensible Role of the DeaconActs 6:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/06/2018Charge to High School SeniorsDr. David B. McWilliams
05/06/2018Honoring God's NameExodus 20:7Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/29/2018No Idols, But Right WorshipExodus 20:1-6Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/22/2018Shepherding God's Flock1 Peter 5:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/22/2018Saved People Love God's LawExodus 20:1-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/15/2018Christ the Judge of the NationsMatthew 25:31-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/08/2018How Can We Follow God Fully?Numbers 14:24Dr. Joel Beeke
04/08/2018How Does Christ's Resurrection Shape Our Hope?1 Corinthians 15:19-20Dr. Joel Beeke
04/01/2018Hail the Day That Sees Him RiseMatthew 27:28 - 28: 8Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/30/2018Was Crucified, Dead, and BuriedMark 15:21-47Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/25/2018Election: Calling and Comfort2 Thessalonians 2:13-17Intern Adam McNeal
03/25/2018GethsemaneMatthew 26:30-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/18/2018The Man of Lawlessness and the Lord Jesus2 Thessalonians 2:1-12Intern Adam McNeal
03/18/2018Psalms for a Pilgrim People: A Cry for DeliverancePsalm 120Rev. Jeff McDonald
03/11/2018You Must Be Born AgainJohn 3:1-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/04/2018The Communion of the SaintsRomans 12:3-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/04/2018Sovereign Grace in Ancient Zaraphath1 Kings 17:7-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/25/2018The Gospel Paul Preached1 Corinthians 15:1-26Dr. Bill Schweitzer
02/18/2018When the Lord Is Revealed From Heaven2 Thessalonians 1Intern Adam McNeal
02/18/2018The CommissionLuke 24:36-53Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/11/2018The Triumph of the CrucifiedLuke 24:13-35Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/04/2018Come to God's River of LifeRev. 2:1-6a; 17Rev. John Lesondak
02/04/2018The Dying ThiefLuke 23:32-43Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/28/2018The Gospel!John 3:16Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/28/2018Peter's Fall and RepentanceLuke 22:54-62Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/21/2018Jesus Weeping Over JerusalemLuke 19:41-42Dr. David B. McWIlliams
01/21/2018The Comfort of the Holy SpiritJohn 14:15-31Rev. Jeff McDOnald
01/14/2018Our Righteous Advocate1 John 2:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/07/2018The Sanctifying Work of the God of Peace1 Thessalonians 5:12-28Intern Adam McNeal
01/07/2018Invitation to the Mercy SeatHebreews 4:14-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/31/2017The Lord Jesus Is the King of GloryPsalm 24Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/24/2017Christmas to the Glory of GodLuke 2:8-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/24/2017The Savior Is BornLuke 2:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/17/2017Come and Worship the Newborn KingJohn 1:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/10/2017The Promised ChildIsaiah 9:6Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/03/2017Our Tender Savior Comforts His ChildrenJohn 14:1-14Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/03/2017The Savior of His PeopleMatthew 1:21Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/26/2017The Lord Is My StrengthHabakkuk 3Intern Adam McNeal
11/26/2017The Last SupperLuke 22:1-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/19/2017Prepare For the Day of the Lord1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Intern Adam McNeal
11/19/2017The Gospel and the End of the WorldLuke 21:5-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/12/2017A Little Man Brought to a Big SaviorLuke 19:1-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/05/2017The Dead In Christ Will Rise1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Intern Adam McNeal
11/05/2017Why Do the Wicked Prosper and the Righteous Suffer?Psalm 73Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/29/2017Scripture Alone2 Timothy 3:12-4:18Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/22/2017The Will of God: Your Sanctification1 Thessalonians 4:1-12Intern Adam McNeal
10/22/2017Grace Alone, Faith Alone: The Finished Work of ChristHebrews 10:1-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/15/2017To God's Glory AloneEphesians 1:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/15/2017Holiness In Affliction1 Thessalonians 3Intern AdamMcNeal
10/08/2017Safety in the Eternal, Unchangeable GodPsalm 90Rev. JeffMcDonald
10/01/2017The Christian SacrificeRomans 12:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/01/2017Who Then Can Be Saved?Luke 18:18-27Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/24/2017Faithfulness Amidst Opposition1 Thessalonians 2:13-20Intern Adam McNeal
09/24/2017Prayer Refusing to QuitLuke 18:1-8Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/17/2017The Great Humility of Our SaviorJohn 13:1-20Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/17/2017The Fixed ChasmLuke 16:19-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/03/2017O the DepthRomans 11:33-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/03/2017I Have No WrathIsaiah 27:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/27/2017God's Word at Work in God's People1 Thessalonians 2:13-16Intern Adam McNeal
08/27/2017Marks of a True DiscipleLuke 14:25-35Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/20/2017Gospel InvitationLuke 14:15-24Dr. David B.McWilliams
08/13/2017RepentanceLuke 13:1-10Dr. Daid B. McWilliams
08/06/2017Justified By Faith AloneRomans 3:28Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/06/2017All Israel Shall Be SavedRomans 11:28Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/30/2017An Angry Man - A Compassionate GodJonah 4Rev. Jeff Mc Donald
07/23/2017The Heavenly Father With His Children1 Thessalonians 2:1-12Intern Adam McNeal
07/23/2017The Sovereign Grace of Our GodJonah 3Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/16/2017A Faithful Witness to a Faithful Savior1 Thessalonians 1:6-10Intern AdamMcNeal
07/16/2017Salvation Belongs to the LordJonah 2Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/09/2017A Rebellious Prophet - A Gracious GodJonah 1Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/02/2017Praise God For His Grace1 Thessalonians 1: 1-5Intern Adam McNeal
07/02/2017God's Provision On Mount MoriahGenesis 22:1-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/25/2017Waiting and Growing2 Peter 3:11-18Intern Adam McNeal
06/25/2017Self-DeceptionMatthew 7:15-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/18/2017The Coming New Creation2 Peter 3:8-13Intern Adam McNeal
06/18/2017Trusting in the Lord: The Discipline of ContentmentPsalm 131Rev. Jeff McDonald
06/11/2017The Life and Death of Mr. Rich ManLuke 12:13-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/04/2017Boast NotRomans 11:16-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/04/2017The Encouragement of ProvidenceLuke 12:6, 7Dr, David B. McWilliams
05/28/2017Silencing the Scoffers2 Peter 3:1-7Intern Adam McNeal
05/28/2017The Fear of GodLuke 12:1-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/21/2017Woes to the ProudLuke 11:37-54Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/14/2017Following Christ WholeheartedlyJohn 12:1-19Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/14/2017Seeing the SignLuke 11:29-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/07/2017True and False ConversionLuke 11: 14-28Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/30/2017Lest They Forget: Call to Family WorshipPsalm 78:1-8Dr, David B. McWilliams
04/23/2017Praying In EarnestLuke 11:5-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/23/2017Christian MeditationPsalm 119:97Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/16/2017The Gospel of the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/14/2017The Sin BearerIsaiah 53:4-6Dr. Dav id B. McWilliams
04/14/2017The Sin BearerIsaiah 53:4-6Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/09/2017Just MercyRomans 3:25Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/02/2017Victory of the CrossPsalm 22Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/26/2017Sustainable Joy in the Christian LifePhilippians 4:4-7Rev. Jeff McDOnald
03/26/2017Another Profile of Unbelief2 Peter 2:17-22Intern Adam McNeal
03/19/2017Temptation and DeliveranceLuke 11:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/19/2017The Raising of LazarusJohn 11:28-54Rev. Jeff McDonald
03/12/2017Forgive Our SInsLuke 11:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/05/2017On the Way to the Promised LandHebrews 11:8-16Rev. Richard Ramsey
02/26/2017Election Has Ordained ItRomans 11:17-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/26/2017Our Daily BreadLuke 11:3Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/19/2017A Profile of Unbelief2 Peter 2:10b-16Intern Adam McNeal
02/19/2017Thy Will Be DoneLuke 11:2Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/12/2017Thy Kingdom ComeLuke 11:2Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/05/2017Judgment and Blessing Guaranteed2 Peter 2:4-10aIntern Adam McNeal
02/05/2017Reverencing Christ's NameLuke 11:2Dr. Davis B. McWilliams
01/29/2017The Lord's Prayer - Its Glorious PrefaceLuke 11:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/22/2017One Needful ThingLuke 10:38-42Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/15/2017The Power of Jesus: He is the Resurrection and the LightJohn 11:1-27Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/15/2017Exposing Merciless HeartsLuke 10:25-37Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/08/2017Jesus RejoicingLuke 10:21-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/01/2017False Teachers: Their Ways and End2 Peter 2:1-3Intern Adam McNeal
01/01/2017Remembering the God Who RescuesPsalm 107Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/25/2016The Theological Mystery of the IncarnationJohn 1 :1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/24/2016Ancient Promise Bright With HopeMicah 5:2Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/18/2016The King's GeneologyMatthew 1:1-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/11/2016From Heaven High I Come to YouPhilippians 2:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/04/2016The Glory of the Living and Written Word2 Peter 1:16-21Intern Adam McNeal
12/04/2016The Deity of ChristMatthew 22:41-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/27/2016Remember What You Know2 Peter 1:12-15Intern Adam McNeal
11/27/2016Look Up, Brothers1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/20/2016Would Be FollowersLuke 9:57-62Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/13/2016Gospel ZealLuke 9:51-56Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/06/2016Jesus Is the Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-21Rev. Jeff McDonald
11/06/2016Who Is the Greatest?Luke 9:46-50Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/30/2016No Other Gospel - A Reformation Day SermonGalatians 1:6-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/23/2016God's Major Media2 Timothy 4:1-5Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.
10/23/2016The Purpose of WorshipPsalm 100Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.
10/16/2016Divine Power for a Divine Calling2 Peter 1:1-11Intern Adam McNeal
10/16/2016The Boy the Disciples Could Not CureLuke 9:37-43Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/09/2016Hear Him!Luke 9:28-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/02/2016Confessing ChristLuke 9:18-27Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/02/2016God and Government: The BasicsPsalm 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/25/2016Jesus Heals the Man Born BlindJohn 9:1-41Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/25/2016Authority to ProvideLuke 9:1-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/18/2016Heavenly Inheritance, Now and ForeverEphesians 1:11-14Intern Adam McNeal
09/18/2016Even Over DeathLuke 8:40-56Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/11/2016Even Over DemonsLuke 8:26-39Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/04/2016Perseverance in the SpiritColossians 1:9-14Intern Adam McNeal
09/04/2016Who Is This? Jesus' Authority Over CreationLuke 8:22-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/28/2016The Amazing Claims of JesusJohn 8:12-59Rev. Jeff McDonald
08/28/2016Responding to the LightLuke 8:16-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/22/2016The Priority of the Church and the Role of the DeaconActs 6:1-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/21/2016Seed Among the SoilsLuke 8:4-15Dr. David B. McWIlliams
08/14/2016A Sinful Woman Anoints JesusLuke 7:36-50Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/09/2016Hear Him!Luke 9:28-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/07/2016Christ and His ServantsLuke 19:11-27Dr. Bill Schweitzer
08/07/2016Are You Listening?Luke 7:18-35Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/31/2016The Prince of Life Meets DeathLuke 7:11-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/24/2016The Lord's Anointed2 Samuel 1Intern Adam McNeal
07/24/2016What Is Faith?Luke 7:1-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/17/2016The Woman Caught in AdulteryJohn 7:53 - 8:11Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/17/2016Self-DeceptionLuke 6:43-49Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/10/2016On Judging OthersLuke 6:37-42Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/03/2016Atonement: A Communion SermonLeviticus 16:20-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/03/2016Hearing God's WordRomans 10:14-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/26/2016The Parable of the SowerMark 4:1-20Intern Adam McNeal
06/26/2016The Polarizing Nature of JesusJohn 7:1-31Rev. JeffMcDonald
06/19/2016The Preaching of God's WordRomans 10:14-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/19/2016Love Your EnemiesLuke 6:27-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/12/2016The Blessing of PersecutionLuke 6: 22-26Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/05/2016Jesus: The Bread of LifeJohn 6:22-71Rev. Jeff McDonald
06/05/2016Gospel MourningLuke 6:21b-25bDr. David B. McWilliams
05/29/2016Spiritual HungerLuke 6:21-25aDr. David B. McWilliams
05/22/2016Eternal Jars of Clay2 Corinthians 4: 7:18Dr. Donald Cobb
05/22/2016Blessing for the PoorLuke 6:17-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/15/2016The Choosing of the TwelveLuke 6:12-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/08/2016Two Men, Two Paths, Two DestiniesPsalm 1Mr. Joel De Victoria
05/08/2016Legalism RebukedLuke 5:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/01/2016All Things NewLuke 5:27-32Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/24/2016Law Suits in God'sFamily1 Corinthians 6:1-11Mr. Joel De Victoria
04/24/2016The Amazing Authority of JesusLuke 5:12-26Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/17/2016Jesus the True IsraelJohn 6:1-21Rev. Jeff McDonald
04/17/2016The Miraculous CatchLuke 5:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/10/2016Declare His GloryPsalm 96Rev. Andrew Lamb
04/03/2016Righteousness By FaithRomans 10:4-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/03/2016Who Is This?Luke 4:31-44Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/27/2016King of Death and Lord of LifeJohn 11:1-44Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/25/2016The View From the CrossPsalm 22Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/20/2016GethsemaneMatthew 26:34-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/20/2016Engaging IslamN.A.Mr. John Muether
03/13/2016The Acceptable Year of the LordLuke 4:14-30Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/06/2016Tempted for UsLuke 4:1-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/06/2016The Self-disclosure of JesusJohn 5:16-47Rev. Jeff McDonald
02/28/2016Free Pardon for Christ's SakeIsaiah 43:25Dr. DAvid B. McWilliams
02/28/2016Christ's Glory Veiled, Not AbandonedMark 9:1-8Rev. Ian Hamilton
02/21/2016The Missing Mark of the Church1 Corinthians 5: 1-13Mr. Joel De Victoria
02/21/2016The Savior of the WorldLuke 4:28-38Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/14/2016Exalting ChristLuke 3:15-22Dr. David B.McWilliams
02/07/2016John Preaches RedemptionLuke 3:7-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/07/2016Healing of the Lame Man: The Compassion and Power of JesusJohn 5:1-18Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/31/2016Cultures and DisciplesMatthew 5:38-42Rev. Hugh Wessel
01/24/2016The Message of the CovenantMalachi 3:1-6Rev.MichaelCarter
01/24/2016The ForerunnerLuke 3:1-6Dr, David B. McWilliams
01/17/2016An Apostolic Church1 Corinthians 4: 1-21Mr. Joel De Victoria
01/17/2016Divine CompulsionLuke 2:41-52Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/10/2016Our Gracious Savior: Healing of the Official's SonJohn4:43-54Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/03/2016The Consolation of IsraelLuke 2:21-40Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/03/2016For All These Things Are Yours1 Cor. 3:3-23Mr. Joel De Victoria
12/27/2015The Gift of Eternal Life: Never Thirst AgainJohn 4:1-26Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/27/2015Shepherds and AngelsLuke 2:8-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/20/2015The Savior Is BornLuke 2:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/13/2015BenedictusLuke 1:67-80Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/06/2015The Wonder of His GraceLuke 1:57-66Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/06/2015Righteousness By FaithRomans 10:4-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/29/2015The MagnificatLuke 1:46-56Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/22/2015The Sign of the Leaping BabyLuke 1: 39-45Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/22/2015For Thine Is the Kingdom, the Power, and the GloryMatthew 6:5-13Mr. Joel De Victoria
11/15/2015The Necessity of RebirthJohn 3:1-21Rev. Jeff McDonald
11/15/2015The Virgin Birth of ChristLuke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/08/2015The AnnunciationLuke 1:26-38Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/01/2015God's Promise Never FailsLuke 1:5-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/01/2015No Other GospelGalatians 1:6-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/25/2015History and FaithLuke 1:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/25/2015Lead Us Not Into TemptationMatthew 6:5-12Mr. Joel De Victoria
10/18/2015The Grace of AdoptionEphesians 1:5, 6Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/18/2015The Rich Man and LazarusLuke 16:19-31Mr. Michael Carter
10/11/2015Christ Centered Marriage: Remembering the BasicsEphesians 5: 21-33Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/04/2015Water to WineJohn 2:1-11Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/04/2015The Glory of Christ - A Communion SermonHebrews 1:1-3Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/27/2015Forgive Us Our DebtsMatthew 6:5-12Mr. Joel De Victoria
09/27/2015Grace in Jacob's Darkened TentGenesis 38:1-30Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/20/2015Mercy to Pagans Through the Punishment of the Lord's ProphetJonah 1:4-16Dr. Nelson Kloosterman
09/20/2015The Comfort of God's PromiseRomans 8: 28-39Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/13/2015John Bears Witness to the Lamb of GodJohn 1:19-34Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/06/2015Our Righteous Advocate1 John 2:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/06/2015Christ: The End of the Law to All Who BelieveRomans 10:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/30/2015The Eternal God and the Number of Our DaysPsalm 90Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/23/2015Righteousness By Faith Without Works of the LawRomans 9:30-10:3Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/23/2015While Endless Ages RunRevelation 21:1-22:5Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/16/2015The Final JudgmentRevelation 20:11-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/16/2015Give Us This Day Our Daily BreadMatthew 6: 5-11Mr. Joel DeVictoria
08/09/2015Message to Laodicea: My Heart, My Life, My AllRevelation 3:14-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/02/2015John's Prologue:The Glory of GodJohn 1:1-18Rev. Jeff McDonald
08/02/2015Message to Philadelphia: An Open DoorRevelation 3:7-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/26/2015Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be DoneMatthew 6:1-6Mr. Joel De Victoria
07/26/2015Message to Sardis: Spiritual DeclensionRevelation 3:1-6Dr. David B.McWilliams
07/19/2015The Holiness of the ChurchActs 4:31-5:11Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/19/2015Message to Thyatira: Hold FastRevelation 2:18-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/12/2015Message to Pergamun: The World's FriendshipRevelation 2:12-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/05/2015The Great Discovery2 Kings 22:1-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/05/2015Message to Smyrna: Don't Fear - Be FaithfulRevelation 2:8-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/28/2015Message to Ephesus: Declining LoveRevelation 2:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/28/2015Dare to Call Him FatherMatthew 6:1-9Mr. Joel De Victoria
06/21/2015The Boundless Glory of CalvaryGalatians 3:6-14; 6:14Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/14/2015Paul at AthensActs 17:16-32Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/07/2015The Call of the ProphetIsaiah 6:1-13Rev. Flavien Pardagon
06/07/2015The Necessity of the Wedding GarmentMatthew 22:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/01/2015Safe in the Shadow of Our LordPsalm 91Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/24/2015Facing Trouble and HardshipPsalm 3Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/17/2015The Continuing Ministry of the Ascended ChristActs 1:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/10/2015Wrath and MercyRomans 9:19-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/10/2015The Necessity and Nature of RegenerationJohn 3:1-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/08/2015Senior Send-offRev. Jeff McDonald
05/03/2015Kiss the SonPsalm 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/26/2015Standing Mature and Fully AssuredColossians 4:2-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/19/2015Thy Kingdom ComeMatthew 6:9, 10Dr. Lloyd Kim
04/19/2015The Great Commission of GraceMatthew 28:16-20Dr. Lloyd Kim
04/12/2015A Christian's Social CallingColossians 3:18 - 4:1 Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/05/2015He is Risen - As He SaidMatthew 28:6 ffDr. David B. McWilliams
03/29/2015GethsemaneMatthew 26:30-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/29/2015Christ's Kingddom: The End of Racial SupremacyLuke 4:16-30Rev. Steve Light
03/22/2015The Lord'sSupperMatthew 26:17-35Intern Joel De Victoria
03/22/2015The New Life in ChristColossians 3:5-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/15/2015Union With the Risen ChristColossians 3:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/08/2015Let No One Disqualify YouColossians 2:16-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/01/2015The Triumph of the Cross (2)Colossians 2:13-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/22/2015Revealing the Mystery of the GospelRomans 16:25-27Rev. David Fiol
02/22/2015The Triumph of the CrossColossians 2:6-15Dr. David B.McWilliams
02/15/2015The Agony and Ecstacy of the Ministry of the WordColossians 1:14 - 2:5Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/15/2015A Debtor to Mercy AloneRomans 9:6-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/08/2015Reconciled Through Christ's BloodColossians 1:19-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/01/2015Christ PreeminentColossians 1:15-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/01/2015A Reluctant Leader / A Faithful ProviderExodus 3:1 - 4:14Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/26/2015Scaling the Heights of Romans 9Romans 9: 6-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/25/2015Paul's Prayer For KnowledgeColossians 1:9-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/18/2015Paul's SorrowRomans 9:1-5Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/18/2015GratitudeColossians 1:3-8Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/11/2015Paul and the IntellectualsColossians 1:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/04/2015AssuranceRomans 8:31-39Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/28/2014Our God, Our Help in Ages Past and FuturePsalm 90Mr. Joel DeVictoria
12/28/2014The Gospel According to Moses:The Great I AM.Exodus 3Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/21/2014Confident Hope in the Coming MessiahPsalm 27Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/21/2014Majesty DescendedLuke 2:1-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/15/2014Service of Lessons & CarolsVarious
12/15/2014Christmas With Ruth and BoazRuth 4:18-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/07/2014From Heaven High I Come to YouPhilippians 2:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/07/2014Immeasurable LoveRomans 8:32Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/30/2014The Return of Christ1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/23/2014The Glorious SubstituteGalatians 3:6-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/23/2014Predestinating Grace: A Support In Trials Romans 8:28-30Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/16/2014Redeemed From Death and CorruptionRomans 8:18-27Dr. David B.McWilliams
11/16/2014Call to PrayerEphesians 6:18-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/09/2014Call to ArmsEphesians 6:10-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/02/2014The Word Made FleshJohn 1:14Dr. Christopher Cleveland
11/02/2014The Gospel According to Moses: The One Appointed by GodExodus 2:11-25Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/26/2014Christ, the Home and WorkplaceEphesians 6:1-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/19/2014Christ-Centered MarriagesEphesians 5:21-33Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/19/2014Thy Kingdom ComeMatthew 6:9-13Rev. Andrew Lamb
10/12/2014The Gospel According to Moses: Preparation for DeliveranceExodus 1:1 - 2:10Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/05/2014Our Righteous Advocate: A Communion Sermon1 John 2:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/05/2014"New Age of the Spirit"- PostModernismVariousMr. Allen Montgomery
09/28/2014Life in the Spirit (2)Romans 8:12-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/28/2014Look Carefully How You WalkEphesians 5:15-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/21/2014Honoring the Name of the Lord Jesus ChristMatthew 7:15-23Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/21/2014Walk As Children of LightEphesians 5:8-14Dr. David B. McWillams
09/15/2014Walk In LoveEphesians 5:2-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/07/2014Put Off / Put OnEphesians 4:20-32Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/07/2014Life in the SpiritRomans 8:1-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/31/2014The New WalkEphesians 4:17-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/24/2014Sanctification As Freedom - 2Romans 8:2Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/24/2014Resisting the Power of EvilEphesians 4:7-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/17/2014Gifts From the Ascended ChristEphesians 4: 7-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/10/2014Unity in the TruthEphesians 4:1-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/03/2014In the Sanctuary: A Communion SermonHebrews 8:1-6Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/27/2014The Love of God Manifest1 John 4:7-12Dr. Christopher Cleveland
07/27/2014The Joy of ForgivenessPsalm 32Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/20/2014Sanctification As FreedomRomans 8:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/20/2014Even Over SatanMark 5:1-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/13/2014Even Over DeathMark 5: 21-43Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/06/2014The Glorious Word of God: Jesus Christ John 1: 1-5Dr. Christopher Cleveland
07/06/2014Sacrifice on Mt. Moriah: A Communion SermonGenisis 22: 1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/29/2014Paul's Second Prayer for the ChurchEphesians 3:1, 14-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/22/2014Free From the LawRomans 7:1-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/22/2014Our Perfect High PriestHebrews 7:26-28Dr. Christopher Cleveland
06/15/2014What's So Special About the Church?Ephesians 3:1-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/15/2014A New SlaveryRomans 6:15-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/08/2014The Church - God's SanctuaryEphesians 2: 19-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/01/2014Abiding in ChristJohn 15:1-11Dr. Christopher Cleveland
06/01/2014AtonementLeviticus 16Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/25/2014Dead to Sin's MasteryRomans 6:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/25/2014Reconciled Through Christ's BloodEphesians 2:11-19Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/18/2014Man's Rebellion: No Obstacle to God's GraceEphesians 2:1-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/11/2014Paul Prays for the ChurchEphesians 1:15-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/04/2014Secure in ChristEphesians 1:13,14Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/27/2014The Abundant PlusRomans 5:12-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/27/2014God's Plan for the AgesEphesians 1:8-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/13/2014Redemption Through His BloodEphesians 1:7, 8Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/06/2014The Fixed Chasm of EternityLuke 16:19-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/30/2014The Highest PriviledgeEphesians 1:4b-6Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/23/2014Electing GraceEphesians 1:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/23/2014Must I Believe in Adam?Romans 5:12-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/16/2014Supernatural Strength for a Spiritual MissionEphesians 6:10-20Dr. Bill Schweitzer
03/16/2014The Gospel of JobJob 19:23-29Dr. Bill Schweitzer
03/09/2014The Discipline of ContentmentPsalm 131Rev. Jeff McDonald
03/02/2014What Is Union With Christ?Ephesians 1:3Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/02/2014God's Anointed KingPsalm 110Dr. Christopher Cleveland
02/23/2014The Unexpected DelivererJudges 3:12-30Rev. Jeff McDonald
02/23/2014Stratospheric TheologyEphesians 1:3Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/16/2014The Sublime EpistleEphesians 1:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/16/2014By His Stripes We Are HealedIsaiah 53:4-6Dr. Christopher Cleveland
02/09/2014Much MoreRomans 5:10Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/09/2014The Insider MovementDr. David Garner
02/02/2014Redeeming LoveRomans 5:6-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/02/2014Christ Our Substitute2 Corinthians 5:21Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/26/2014Christ - The Christian's Advocate1 John 2:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/26/2014A Certain HopeRomans 5:3-5Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/19/2014The Faithfulness of God to Those Who Are Tempted1 Corinthians 10:14Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/12/2014By My SpiritZecharia 4:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/05/2014Peace, Access, and HopeRomans 5:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/05/2014Divine Sovereignty and the New YearPsalm 103:19Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/29/2013The Wondrous Message - God Came to Earth1 John 1:1-4Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/29/2013The Savior Who Shares in Our Flesh and BloodHebrews 2:14-18Dr. Christopher Cleveland
12/22/2013From Heaven High I Come to YouJohn 1:1-3, 14Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/15/2013Christ Was Born For ThisPhilippians 2:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/08/2013Christ PreeminentColossians 1:15-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/01/2013Longing for the Eternal JudgeJudges 3:7-11Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/01/2013Grace in the GenealogyMatthew 1:1-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/25/2013The Encouragement of His Coming1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/17/2013The Finished Work of Jesus Christ, Our Great High PriestHebrews 10:11-14Dr. Christopher Cleveland
11/17/2013Who Is This?Mark 4:35-41Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/10/2013Our Immutable GodMalachi 3:6Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/03/2013Jesus Cleanses a LeperMark 1:40-45Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/03/2013Raised For Our JustificationRomans 4:23-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/27/2013Boasting ExcludedRomans 4:7-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/27/2013Paul Alone2 Timothy 4:9-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/20/2013I Charge You - Preach the Word2 Timothy 4:1-8Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/20/2013Grace Alone - Faith AloneRomans 4:9-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/13/2013The Inspiration & Authority of the Bible2 Timothy 3:16,17Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/06/2013The Persevering Grace of the LordJudges 2:6 - 3:6Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/06/2013Jesus the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-15Dr. Christopher Cleveland
09/29/2013A Faithful God Amidst a Faithless PeopleJudges 1:1 - 2:5Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/22/2013Atonement and JustificationRomans 4:1-8Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/22/2013Opposing Apostasy2 Timothy 3:10-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/15/2013Perilous Times2 Timothy 3:1-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/08/2013Fit For the Master's Use2 Timothy 2:14-26Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/01/2013Suffering For the Gospel2 Timothy 2:1-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/01/2013Living Under Divine Authority1Corinthians 1:1-9Rev. Jeff McDonald
08/25/2013Unashamed of the Gospel2 Timothy 1:8-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/18/2013An Old Man's Remembrances2 Timothy 1:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/11/2013The Battle Is the Lord's1 Samuel 17:50-54Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/04/2013The Day of AtonementLevitivus 16:20-22Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/04/2013The Blood of ChristHebrews 9:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/28/2013Fight the Good Fight1 Timothy 6:11-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/28/2013Justice SatisfiedRomans 3:25Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/21/2013Atonement in Three WordsRomans 3:21-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/21/2013False Teachers - Wrong Motives1 Timothy 6:3-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/14/2013The Extravagant GospelLuke 15:11-32Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/07/2013Christ Our PropitiationRomans 3:21-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/07/2013Master of All - Slave of AllPhilippians 2:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/30/2013Report on General AssemblyNoneRev. Jeff McDonald
06/30/2013Missions Where You Are1 Timothy 6:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/23/2013The Work of Jesus Our High Priest1 John 1:1, 2Dr Christopher Cleveland
06/23/2013From the Wellspring of ElectionEphesians 1:4Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/16/2013Biblical Eldership1 Timothy 5:17-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/16/2013Guilty Before GodRomans 3:9-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/09/2013Congregational Care1 Timothy 5:1-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/02/2013Union with the Risen Christ - A Communion SermonColossians 3:1-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/26/2013The Truth We Must Believe1 John 2:18-27Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/26/2013The Foolishness of the Gospel1 Corinthians 18:31Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/19/2013The Minister's Call & Work1 Timothy 4:11-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/12/2013Hiding PlacesRomans 2:17 - 3:8Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/12/2013V.D.M.1 Timothy 4:6-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/05/2013Senior Send-offDr. David B. McWilliams
05/05/2013Right With God - An Old Testament IllusionZecharia 3:1-5Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/28/2013The Great High PriestHebrews 4:14 - 5:10Dr. Carl R. Trueman
04/28/2013Too Dirty for God?Mark 5:21-43Dr. Carl R. Trueman
04/21/2013One ThingPsalm 27Rev. Jeff McDonald
04/14/2013In Later Times1 Timothy 4:1-5Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/07/2013Potentially Devisive Issues in the PCAVariousRev. Jeff McDonald
04/07/2013The Centrality of Christ1 Timothy 3:16Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/31/2013The Resurrection - The Crown of Salvation1 Corinthians 15:54b, 55Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/29/2013GethsemaneMatthew 26:30-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/24/2013The View From the CrossPsalm 22Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/24/2013Moral But LostRomans2:1-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/17/2013Triumphal Procession in Christ2 Corinthians 2:14-16Rev. John Lesondak
03/17/2013Here Am I - Send MeIsaiah 6:1-8Rev. John Lesondak
03/10/2013Qualified Deacons1 Timothy 3:8-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/03/2013In the Sanctuary: A Communion SermonHebrews 8:1-6Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/03/2013The Bible on HomosexualityRomans 1:26,27Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/24/2013The Gentile World CondemnedRomans 1:18-32Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/24/2013Qualified Elders1 Timothy 3:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/17/2013Instruction For Women1 Timothy 2:8-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/17/2013Righteousness By FaithRomans 1:16,17Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/10/2013Instruction on Prayer1 Timothy 2:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/03/2013Paul's Passionate ServiceRomans1:8-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/03/2013Upholding Sound Doctrine1 Timothy 1:18-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/27/2013Better Off Dead?Ecclesiastes 3:16 - 4:3Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/27/2013Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners1 Timothy 1:12-17Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/20/2013Grace and PeaceRomans 1:7Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/20/2013Rebuking False Teachers1 Timothy 1: 1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/13/2013Passing the Torch1 Timothy 1:1,2Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/06/2013The Great Discovery - An Old Testament Revival2 Kings 22:1,2Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/30/2012The Lord of TimeEccliastes 3:1-15Rev. Jeff McDonald
12/23/2012Ancient Promise Bright With HopeMicah 5:2Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/16/2012Our Virgin-Born SaviorMatthew 1:18-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/09/2012Isaiah's Wonderful ChildIsaiah 9:6Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/02/2012Every Christian a SaintRomans 1:6, 7Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/02/2012The Shaking of Heaven and EarthHebrews 12:25-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/25/2012Effectual CallingRomans 1:6Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/25/2012The Necessity and Nature of RegenerationJohn 3:1-15Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/18/2012The Vanity of LaborEcclesiastes 2:18-26Rev. Jeff McDonald
11/18/2012The Gospel & Sexual Purity1 Corinthians 6:12-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/12/2012Escaping God's Judgment1 Kings 21:1-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/04/2012The Gospel of ChristRomans 1:3-4Dr. David B. McWilliams
11/04/2012Free Grace - A communion SermonIsaiah 43:25Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/28/2012Because of the Blood - A Reformation Day SermonRevelation 12:11Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/28/2012The Kingly Office of Christ1 Kings 20:1-43Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/21/2012Keep Calm and Carry OnPhillipians 4:4-7Rev. Jeff Lee
10/21/2012When Everything Is Still Not EnoughEcclesiastes 2:1-11Rev. Jeff McDonald
10/14/2012Elijah Revived1 Kings 19:1-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/07/2012The Gospel of GodRomans 1:1-7Dr. David B. McWilliams
10/07/2012Fire From Heaven1 Kings 18:20-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/30/2012The Lord's Confronting Word1 Kings 18:1-21Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/27/2012Infants Dying in Infancy: No Reason to Doubt2 Samuel 12:15b-23Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/23/2012Introducing RomansRomans 1:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/23/2012The Widow of Zarephath1 Kings 17:7-24Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/16/2012The Vanity of Intellectual PursuitEcclesiastes 1:12-18Rev. Jeff McDonald
09/16/2012Elijah and His Message - The Word of the Lord1 Kings 16:29 - 17:7Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/09/2012Our Trustworthy Bible2 Timothy 3:16Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/02/2012Christ Our Substitute2 Corinthians 5:21Dr. David B. McWilliams
09/02/2012Saul Meets the Risen ChristActs 9:1-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/26/2012The Resurrection of Jesus1 Corinthians 15Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/26/2012The Mandate for MissionsMatthew 28:16-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/19/2012The Resurrection of Jesus - Part 11 Corinthians 5:1-11Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/19/2012The Third Day He Rose Again From the DeadMatthew 27:62-28:20Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/12/2012Was Crucified, Dead, and BuriedMatthew 27:32-66Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/05/2012Propitiation By His BloodRomans 3:21-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
08/05/2012He Suffered Under Pontius PilateMatthew 27:11-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/29/2012The Philipian Jailer: Careless, Convicted, ConvertedActs 16:16-34Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/29/2012Trial and DenialMatthew 26:47-75Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/22/2012Through the VeilHebrews 10:19-25Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/22/2012The Cup and the WrathMatthew 26:30-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/15/2012The Finished Work of ChristHebrews 10:1-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/15/2012The Great Discovery2 Kings 22:1-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/12/2012How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?VariousDr. D. A. Carson
07/08/2012O Worship the LordPsalm 95Rev. Jeff McDonald
07/01/2012One Woman's MemorialMatthew 26:6-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
07/01/2012The Last SupperMatthew 26:17-29Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/24/2012Christ Judges the NationsMatthew 25:31-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/24/2012Counsel on Christ's ReturnRomans 13:11-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/17/2012A Psalm for ThanksgivingPsalm 100Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/17/2012Parables of Christ's ComingMatthew 24:42 - 25:30Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/10/2012The Gospel and the End of TimeMatthew 24:1-31Dr. David B. McWilliams
06/03/2012The Beauty of ChristMark 14:1-11Rev. Jeff McDonald
05/28/2012For Whom Did Christ Die? Pt. 2John 10:1-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/27/2012Cut to the Heart-Pentecost RevisitedActs 2:22-41Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/21/2012The Seven Woes of JesusMatthew 23:13-36Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/13/2012For Whom Did Christ Die?John 10:1-18Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/13/2012Features of False teachersMatthew 23:1-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
05/06/2012The Christian's Righteous Advocate1 John 2:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/29/2012Christ Teaches His Own DeityMatthew 22:41-46Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/22/2012Covered With His Righteous RobeIsaiah 61:10Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/22/2012The Wedding Filled With GuestsMatthew 22:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/15/2012Revival and MissionsPsalm 85:6Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/08/2012Easter: He Rolled Back the StoneMatthew 28:2Dr. David B McWilliams
04/06/2012Good Friday: Our Savior's Forsaken CryPsalm 22:1Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/01/2012The Dying ThiefLuke 23:32-43Dr. David B. McWilliams
04/01/2012Authority and DiscipleshipMark 10:1-16Rev. Jeff McDonald
03/25/2012The Mission of the Church and the Ordinary Means of GraceActs 2:42-47Dr. Bill Schweitzer
03/25/2012The Mission of the Church and the Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-20Dr. Bill Schweitzer
03/18/2012A Parable of Sovereign GraceMatthew 20:1-16Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/18/2012Anatomy of An ElderActs 20:28-32Dr. David B McWilliams
03/11/2012Marriage and DivorceMatthew 19:1, 2Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/04/2012A View of Christ's SufferingsIsaiah 50:5-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
03/04/2012Continued Instruction of DiscipleshipMark 9:30-50Rev. Jeff McDonald
02/26/2012Who, Then, Can Be SavedMatthew 19:16-30Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/26/2012The Golden LampstandZecharia 4:1-14Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/19/2012ForgivenessMatthew 18:21-35Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/19/2012Christ and the HomeEphesians 6:1-9Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/12/2012The Discipline of the KingdomMatthew 18:15-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
02/05/2012Jesus Heals a ParalyticMark 2:1-12Rev. Jeff McDonald
02/05/2012The Authority of JesusMark 1:14-34Rev. Jeff McDonald
01/29/2012Hear HimMatthew 17:1-13Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/22/2012The King and His DisciplesMatthew 16:21-28Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/22/2012Christian Marriage: Remembering the BasicsEphesians 5: 21-33Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/18/2012A Warning for the ChurchMatthew 16:1-12Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/15/2012Confessing ChristMatthew 16:13-20Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/15/2012When God Says "No"2 Corinthians 12:7-10Dr. David B. McWilliams
01/01/2012Paul's Conviction: Encouragement for the New YearRomans 8:28-32Dr. David B. McWilliams
12/26/2010From Where Does My Help Come?Psalm 121:1-8Rev. Dick Lucas