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— Conversations That Matter —

5/7/2017: “Christian Witness in a Post-Modern World” – Mr. John Muether

9/15/2016: “Talking About Gender & Identity” – Dr. David Powlison

3/20/2016: “Engaging Islam” – Mr. John Muether

4/6/2014: “Beginning of Life and End of Life Issues” – Dr. Nelson Kloosterman

2/9/2014: “The Insider Movement” – Dr. David Garner

10/5/2013: “Homosexuality and the Bible”  – Dr. Rosaria Butterfield

9/15/2013: “If God is Good, Why is there Suffering and Evil?”  – Dr. Scott Oliphint

2/3/2012:  “The New Testament Canon: Did the Church Get the Right Books?” – Dr. Richard Gaffin